About Us


With early mentoring from Alfred Peet (Founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea), BJ’s Coffee Roasters was established in the late 80’s with the brand promise of freshness and quality above all. We have delivered the highest quality and freshest roasted coffee to our customers ever since.


We roast all of our coffee with a drum-style roaster. This method utilizes a rotating steel drum over a natural gas fired flame. This method, sometimes said to be the true artisan method of roasting, allows our roasters lot of flexibility, as well as total control of the roasting process. Our customers are always welcome to stop by our roastery to take in the experience firsthand.


Our passion is roasting coffee and partnering with our local community. As such, we commit wholely to the following:

  • Providing a diverse mix of the highest quality coffees that we can source and roasting in small batches, so that our customers experience the freshest coffee they've ever had.

  • Buying from local importers that maintain direct relationships with the estates and cooperatives that produce our coffees.

  • Providing excellent customer service and same day shipping.

  • Supplying a full line of quality equipment and allied products to our wholesale customers.