What Is Blended Coffee?

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Blending is the process of mixing several coffees of different origin and type. Roasters blend coffees to add complexity to the cup, and to produce a signature medley of flavors. Among the many details that a roaster must consider when building a blend is how the green coffee was processed; the bean size and density of each origin in the blend; and, finally, factors for each origin that contribute to optimizing the profile for the individual coffee. We feel that BJ's Primo, Roastmaster, French Roast and Breakfast Blends are fine examples of blending for layered complexity and overall consistency.

 BJ's Primo Blend

One of our most popular blends. Smooth, mild and crisp for an excellent morning coffee. Medium Roast.

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 Breakfast Blend

Brighten your morning with this wonderful blend. Medium Light Roast.

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 Espresso Blend

Our espresso blend consists of four very distinct origins. Together these coffees produces an espresso that is rich in flavor, with full body and luscious crema. Medium Roast.

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 Espresso Jolt! Blend

The coffee is essentially the same as our regular espresso blend, but with 30% more caffeine! Medium Roast.

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 French Roast

Deep, rich, caramel flavors with a sweet and smooth finish. Dark Roast.

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 Italian Roast

A bold dark roasted coffee that is pleasantly smooth and flavorful. Dark Roast.

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 Mocha Java


Delightful full-bodied coffee with bittersweet chocolate overtones on top of rich and complex flavors. Medium Roast.

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  Roastmaster Blend

An exceptional blend of coffees roasted to perfection and possessing a full flavor and body. Medium Dark Roast.

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  West Valley Blend

Full body and full flavor with very low acidity.  Another unique coffee you are sure to enjoy. Dark Roast.

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