Origin coffee, as the name suggests, is coffee that is grown in one specific geographic location. Generally, origin coffee is grown on a single farm or estate, which can vary from a few acres to many square miles. However, this may also refer to a collective of farms which all process their coffee at the same location. Years of knowledge and tradition, passed down from one generation to the next at a single farm or estate, go into growing, harvesting and processing of coffee. Most coffee aficionados believe that single origin coffees are the best way to truly experience the flavor characteristics and essence of a specific geographic region.



This coffee is picked and partially dried in its fruit form, also referred to as the “cherry.” This in turn produces a wild and fruity flavor that is accompanied by a delicate blueberry aroma. Ethiopia Harrar is definitely one that every lover should experience. Medium Roast


This coffee is very lively and vibrant in acidity. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is highly sought after because of its rich full body and light earthy flavor. The aroma from this coffee is amazingly floral and fragrant. Truly a treat from Africa. Medium Roast


From the northern edge of Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park comes a bold coffee that is bright in acidity with a touch of lemon. This coffee provides a fragrant and floral aroma. The AA in Kenya is a classification of coffee grown in Kenya. Beans are graded based on size, thus the largest bean is assigned the grade AA. This coffee provides a fragrant and floral aroma. Dark Roast



Brazil produces more coffee than any other country in the world. The Cerrado region is one of the world’s most biologically rich and diverse. It has over 10,000 species of plants, of which 45% are exclusive to the Cerrado, and it stretches across nearly 500 million acres of Brazil - an area nearly three times the size of Texas.

Smooth flavor, medium body with moderate acidity. This coffee possesses a very distinct, sweet aftertaste due to the pulped natural method of coffee processing. Medium Roast.


Truly a coffee that you’ll enjoy all day long, it possesses bright and clean flavors, with mild acidity and aroma. The origin of Columbian Supremo comes from the growing region of Hulia, The beans are large and uniform in size and shape, and are grown between the altitudes of 4,000-5,000 feet. Medium Roast


Costa Rica possesses rich volcanic soil, which in turn provides ideal coffee growing conditions. Well balanced, full flavored, medium body with a wonderful, bright citrusy acidity. This coffee has very bold and intense aroma that will certainly wake up your senses. Medium Roast.


The Antiqua region’s rich volcanic soil and mountainous terrain produces some of the finest coffee produced in Guatemala. Nestled in the southwest mountains on the pacific side of the country, Antigua is world renowned for the coffee it produces. The unique flavors of Antigua coffees are shared by no other coffee in the world. Look for extremely clean and crisp flavors, with citrusy and delicate floral notes. Medium Roast.


Pronounced “Way-way-ten-ang-oh”, this coffee hails from the volcanic highlands of northern Guatemala. Huehuetenango possesses rich, full flavor, bright acidity, and is wonderfully aromatic. A savory delight in every sip! Medium Roast.


Grown in the mountains of Mexico, “Altura” means altitude. To qualify as “Altura” and “SHG” (strictly high-grown), coffees must be raised at elevations of 4,000 feet or higher. The result is a coffee that possesses medium body, nice acidity, a pleasant spicy flavor, and a great drinking experience cup after cup. Medium Roast.



From the small Indonesian island of Java, located in the southern region of the Indonesian islands surrounded by volcanoes and lush forest comes this wonderful coffee. Java Estate coffee plantations where originally established by the Dutch the late 1600's and are now controlled by the Indonesian Government. This is a subtly aromatic coffee that bursts with flavor and body, yet finishes smooth and slightly spicy. Medium Roast.


Indonesian coffees are some of most sought after in the world and this Mandheling is definitely one of the best. Full bodied, mild acidity with an intense earthy flavor. Medium Roast.