The process of roasting coffee involves heating the green coffee beans in a manner that allows for controlled, uniform heat transfer, with succinct cooling to halt the roasting process once the desired roast level has been achieved. This process transforms the chemical and physical properties of coffee beans, expanding and changing the bean density, color, aroma, and taste. The initial inspection, roasting and cupping of a green coffee is an essential first step of the roasting process. Here we evaluate the coffee producer's preparation and storage practices,then roast the coffee numerous times to different roast levels. Finally, we cup and taste each resulting roast to determine which roast level best presents the overall characteristics of the coffee. It's a delicate process, as subtle variations in temperature and roast level can yield quite different results in the final cup. Once we determine which roast level best presents the signature characteristics of an origin or blend, a roast plan is developed along with a cupping profile for that specific coffee. 

An extremely important facet of blending and roasting is consistency and quality control. It may be important to some to note that we use classic drum roasters that are tied to computers that monitor the bean temperature, moisture level, and other characteristics throughout every roast. What is important to us, however, is that not only are our roasters experts with the roasting equipment, but they also know exactly how each blend and origin we roast should smell and taste. For each batch, they manually monitor, cup and adjust for environmental factors and other variables for which even the strictest computer profiling simply cannot adjust. Ultimately, all of these intangibles affect the quality and flavor that the customer experiences. We are a small, passionate group of coffee people. We spend the bulk of our time roasting and cupping coffee, and serving our wholesale customers. On most occasions, your coffee is shipped out within 24 hours of roasting. We take utmost pride in our reputation for flavor, freshness and excellent service.